Surgical teams can only be at their best when the OR is set-up to support their needs. Skytron’s space management booms give you instant access to critical devices, gases, and utilities and make every OR a safer, more efficient space. What’s more, we can help minimize costs by offering up to four arms from one hub - reducing your construction expense.

Ergon 3 Booms



  • Exclusive Central Tandem Mount allows the positioning of the equipment carrier, flat-screen displays or lights anywhere around the patient
  • Extensive arm reach provides greater equipment access
  • Button-free, friction braking system reduces expensive maintenance requirements
  • Center-aligned carriers minimize rotational footprint by 50%



Ergon 3 Carrier

  • Impressive capacity with easy access to equipment or utilities
  • Center-aligned carriers reduce rotational footprint by up to 50% and risk of damage or drift
  • Center-aligned carriers: CM, KM, PM, and XM
  • Also available as a vertical utility system: VBM



Stainless Columns

Stainless Columns

  • Saves valuable floor space with ceiling-mounted design
  • Maximum of 18 electrical, data, and communication services
  • Maximum of 10 medical gas outlets
  • Available as fixed or electrically retractable



Smoke-E-Vac Surgical Smoke Plume Evacuator

  • Four layers of filtration and three motor speeds
  • Quiet and easy operation
  • Securely mounts to shelf tracks or below utility column
  • Three-port design accommodates various accessories and tubing sizes without additional adapters


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