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With over 40 years of experience in representing medical equipment manufacturers, we are leaders in distributing emergency healthcare supplies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our commitment is to provide advanced and high-quality solutions to professionals who save lives daily.

Emergency Equipment

Innovation and quality for handling critical situations.

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Everything needed to act efficiently in rescue operations.

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Education for optimal management of emergency equipment.

Our Brands

We are proud to be authorized distributors of pioneering brands such as BabyPod, Ferno, NAR-North American Rescue, and SAM Medical. Our product selection guarantees the highest quality equipment, ready to respond to any challenge. We specialize in a comprehensive range of emergency supplies, including:


A global leader in emergency care solutions.


Formula One inspired child transportation devices


Emergency oxygen solutions that save lives.


Our commitment goes beyond providing equipment; we ensure that each customer receives a comprehensive experience that includes:

Expert Consulting

Our specialists are ready to help you select the right products for your needs.

Continuous training

We offer training so that you and your team can get the most benefit from the acquired equipment.

After-sales service

Continuous support to ensure the satisfaction and performance of the delivered products.



The SAM XT represents a revolutionary advancement in tourniquets, greatly simplifying the training process. Thanks to its innovative TRUFORCE™ buckle technology, any slack is eliminated, making it easy to use and apply. The procedure is simple: click, twist, and secure. Endorsed by the CoTCCC, the SAM XT is an essential addition to any survival kit.

iNX Stretcher

The task of manually lifting patients, though common, poses a significant risk in the emergency medical care field. The iNX Integrated Patient Handling and Transport System stands out as the only solution specifically designed to enhance the safety of both patients and EMS professionals, effectively eliminating the need for manual lifting.

Scoop Stretchers

Transporting the injured requires highly reliable equipment, such as sturdy stretchers. FERNO offers two models of scoop stretchers, specifically designed to enhance safety for both patients and caregivers. These are adjustable, lightweight, and come equipped with three securing straps for added stability.

BabyPod 20

The BabyPod 20 provides a safe and simple option for the transfer of neonates both within and between hospitals. It represents a lighter and more economical alternative to traditional transport incubators, improving lightness, durability, and safety for transferring babies and newborns. Additionally, its compact design allows for easy storage and transport in emergency vehicles.

ERC Portable Backpack

Designed for efficiency and mobility, the ERC Backpack Portable provides a comprehensive solution for emergencies. Equipped for resuscitation, suction, and oxygen therapy, this lightweight emergency respiratory case comes in a durable 600 Denier Cordura. Its versatile design allows for carrying it as a backpack or bag, facilitating mobility in rescue operations.


Every second counts in an emergency situation, and we’re here to ensure professionals have the best. Contact us if you’re part of an organization dedicated to pre-hospital care or rescue or a distributor of emergency supplies!




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