Ferno Prehospital Equipment

FERNO develops solutions for patient management that assist emergency personnel in working more safely and efficiently, regardless of the situation or the call.


Their products are designed with quality to withstand the rigors of daily activities. Among their product line for emergencies are:

Patient Handling

Ferno 35X PROFlexx

The Ambulance Cot 35XST PROFlexx X-Frame provides exceptional safety and stability when transferring and transporting heavy patients. A wider bed surface offers comfort and support for patients of various sizes and more space for CPR or intubation. Two model options available:


  • Ambulance Cot 35X PROFlexx (non-compliant with SAE): standard cot for use with FERNO pole and rail securing system model 175
  • Ambulance Cot 35XST PROFlexx (SAE compliant): Compatible with FERNO Stat Trac cot securing system

POWER X1 ambulance cot

The POWER X1 ambulance cot provides more power, stability, maneuverability, and speed than any electric cot in the competition. With a self-unassisted lift capacity of 700 lbs, the POWER X1 is the ultimate solution for daily and bariatric transport. Its industry-leading battery technology delivers reliable, high-powered performance on every call.


The POWER X1 offers cross-compatibility as it can be used with various cot fastening systems, including FERNO and Stryker solutions.


Daily operations in emergency medical services, such as patient transportation or the loading and unloading of stretchers from an ambulance, put a tremendous strain on the backs of emergency medical service professionals.


The iNX Integrated Patient Transport and Loading System is the only system designed to improve safety for both patients and EMS professionals by effectively eliminating lifting. Now, EMS professionals can lift, lower, load, and unload with just the push of a button, taking the strain off their backs.


Moving injured people is a painstaking process that calls for reliable equipment such as a durable scoop stretcher or backboard. Professional first responders everywhere count on FERNO for the high-quality stretchers and backboards they need to deliver outstanding patient care and transportation.

Medical Scoop Stretchers

FERNO manufactures two scoop stretcher models that help improve patient outcomes and keep caregivers safe. Both are adjustable, lightweight, and include three restraint straps. Their two-part design eliminates the need for logroll maneuvers, helping prevent spinal injury exacerbation.

Spinal Injury Backboards

FERNO offers several backboards designed to meet a wide variety of purposes for diverse organizations. All of our backboards are lightweight and durable. Many are also buoyant and radiolucent.

Scoop Stretcher & Backboard Accessories

Adding the right accessories to your scoop stretcher or backboard can make a huge difference for patients and caregivers alike. Specialized straps and stretcher extenders make it easier for first responders to secure patients for transport. Carrying cases keep equipment clean, organized, and in its proper place until it’s time to deploy.



modular system of rails mounted to the ambulance wall

Bags and Cases