Representation and Distribution of Specialized Medical Equipment

With a track record of over four decades, our company is a leader in the representation and distribution of medical equipment for hospitals. We take pride in being part of the transformation in the health sector across Latin America and the Caribbean, making a difference in patient care, the infrastructure of operating rooms, patient care, and supporting those heroes who fight for lives day after day.



Experts in
Medical Technology

We stay at the forefront with equipment that reflects the latest trends and technological advances in the medical field.

Distribution Network in Latin America and the Caribbean

We have a robust distribution network that ensures agile and efficient logistics throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.


Our relationship with clients goes beyond the sale through technical support and specialized maintenance programs.

Our Brands

We distinguish ourselves as leaders in the distribution of specialized medical equipment for operating rooms. Our commitment is to provide advanced solutions that address the challenges of modern medicine, ensuring excellence and reliability in every product.


We serve as the bridge between you and the top manufacturers of medical technology worldwide. Our exclusive representation ensures access to cutting-edge innovations supported by internationally renowned brands.


Skytron is a brand specializing in the development of comprehensive solutions for healthcare, through capital equipment, architectural and real-time information systems for infection prevention, medical, surgical, and sterile processing, among others.

PG LifeLink, with over 60 years of leadership in manufacturing isolated power products, offers a complete range of accessories, isolated power panels, Line Isolation Monitors (LIMs), and portable laser panels.

EziSurg Medical Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and producing high-quality Minimally Invasive Surgery solutions worldwide. It offers a competitive portfolio that includes surgical stapling, surgical energy, and endoscopy.

Through the Cords is an ambitious initiative to enhance access to life-changing surgeries. They aim to develop safe, affordable, durable, easy-to-master techniques and equipment for managing difficult airways.


Our commitment goes beyond providing equipment; we ensure that each customer receives a comprehensive experience that includes:

Expert Consulting

Our specialists are ready to help you select the right products for your needs.

Continuous training

We offer training so that you and your team can get the most benefit from the acquired equipment.

After-sales service

Continuous support to ensure the satisfaction and performance of the delivered products.


Surgical Tables

Skytron surgical tables were designed with end users in mind to address numerous challenges in the operating room. Our surgical tables feature high weight capacity, extensive patient positioning versatility, durability, and provide ample access to imaging equipment.

Electrosurgical Accessories

THOR electrodes provide the highest precision for cutting and coagulating tissue, while saving time and minimizing disruption by using the highest quality PTFE coating. Tips come in open and protected configurations.

Hospital Lighting

From surgical lights to examination lights, each lighting solution combines clear, crisp illumination with reliability and ease of use, enabling precise visualization of every case without unnecessary complications.

Isolated Power Panels

Isolated Energy Panels facilitate the delivery of power to various hospital equipment, reducing risks associated with electrical shocks and ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted energy supply.

easyEndo™ Lite

EasyEndo™ Lite, a Linear Cutting Stapler for Single Use, offers superior tissue management and control. It enhances stapling performance in general, bariatric, thoracic, and colorectal surgeries, helping surgeons reduce uncertainty.

Runnels Steerable Introducer

Meticulously engineered airway tools optimize the view from video laryngoscopes. The Through-The-Cords Articulating Introducer allows precise tip control for challenging airways, and its depth control system ensures accurate placement during intubation.

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