Spiracle Technology is at the forefront of emergency medical solutions, providing life-saving oxygen equipment designed for reliability and efficiency. Our range of products ensures that first responders and medical professionals have the tools they need to save lives in critical moments.

ERC Portable Backpack

Designed for mobility and efficiency, the ERC Backpack Portable is an all-in-one solution for emergency responders. Equipped to handle resuscitation, gas-powered suction, and oxygen therapy, this lightweight respiratory emergency case is protected in a durable 600 Denier Cordura. Whether carried as a backpack or a bag, its versatility and ease of mobility make it an essential tool for rescue operations.

Model 908 Multi-Manager O2 Administrator

Model 908 acts as a lifesaver for managing multiple patients in emergencies. It features eight standard DISS flow control valves attached to an aluminum tripod, ensuring quick assembly, compact storage, and the ability to treat from one to eight patients at flow rates of 0-25 lpm. For larger scale emergencies, units can be interconnected to assist up to 16 patients.

BRAVO2 Model 831 Brass Oxygen Regulator

The BRAVO2 831 model represents the ultimate in durability and precision. With its robust single-body construction and CGA 870 pin index connection, it delivers regulated oxygen pressure, crucial for emergencies. Its fixed orifice flow control and window-style flow reading allow for precise adjustments from 0 to 25 lpm, accommodating a wide range of medical situations. The regulator’s design prioritizes accuracy and longevity, ensuring reliable service when it matters most.


PEZO2 Pulse Oximeter

Our pulse oximeter is designed for quick and accurate readings in the most demanding environments. With a large OLED display featuring adjustable brightness and orientation, the PEZO2 delivers critical data in an easy-to-read format. Its durable hard plastic design withstands the challenges of daily emergency use, making it an indispensable tool for real-time patient monitoring.