Scoop Stretchers & Backboards

Moving injured people is a painstaking process that calls for reliable equipment such as a durable scoop stretcher or backboard. Professional first responders everywhere count on FERNO for the high-quality stretchers and backboards they need to deliver outstanding patient care and transportation.

Medical Scoop Stretchers

FERNO manufactures two scoop stretcher models that help improve patient outcomes and keep caregivers safe. Both are adjustable, lightweight, and include three restraint straps. Their two-part design eliminates the need for logroll maneuvers, helping prevent spinal injury exacerbation.

Spinal Injury Backboards

FERNO offers several backboards designed to meet a wide variety of purposes for diverse organizations. All of our backboards are lightweight and durable. Many are also buoyant and radiolucent.

The versatile NAJO RediWide is a great all-around choice to meet most agencies’ needs. For organizations focused on enhancing their vehicle extraction equipment, we recommend the Tablu Tri-Fold Backboard for its light weight, durability, and compact storage capability.

Scoop Stretcher & Backboard Accessories

Adding the right accessories to your scoop stretcher or backboard can make a huge difference for patients and caregivers alike. Specialized straps and stretcher extenders make it easier for first responders to secure patients for transport. Carrying cases keep equipment clean, organized, and in its proper place until it’s time to deploy.