Why are technological advances in the healthcare sector so important?

07 Jun Why are technological advances in the healthcare sector so important?

The hospital sector relies on medical equipment and devices for its operation. Over the years, these devices have developed.‌ ‌Having evolved over time, hospitals can diagnose and treat diseases easier while also helping to improve people’s quality of life.


By definition, technology has ushered in the elimination of physical boundaries, and medicine has used it extensively. Nowadays, it is common to see a doctor working online to find evidence to obtain a diagnosis or treatment or to establish connections with the local medical community throughout the world. 


As we discuss technological advances for the hospital sector, we need to keep in mind that there are many devices and equipment besides the ICT tools. These include instruments and devices used to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases, ranging from simple thermometers to highly sophisticated equipment.


Today, sophisticated medical equipment plays a key role in the health sector; It saves lives, enhances our health, and includes sustainable healthcare.


Scientists and scholars are now able to investigate and analyze in-depth the various diseases that are present today thanks to advancements in technology for the hospital sector. The outcome of all this can be disease prevention, accurate diagnoses, innovative treatments, and effective rehabilitation of illnesses and ailments.


Surgical lighting systems, electrosurgical devices, and newborn phototherapy systems are examples of technological advances in the hospital sector. Devices and equipment are among a wide variety of items used to meet global healthcare needs and that can be used by medical personnel, patients, and people in settings such as hospitals and clinics. In spite of the wide variety and quantity of medical devices in the world, their availability does not seem to be as prevalent in low-income countries. As reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), one computerized tomography machine is available to 1 in 64,900 people in high-income countries, and only 1 in 3,5 million in low-income countries.


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